Meet the Crew Sloop Groggy Dogs

We are a crew of around twelve singers, many have been singing together for almost a decade we are based by that famous port near Milton Keynes !
Iain Clapham our Musical Director is a bit of a genius when it comes to rounding us up and getting the best sound from us. Some of the traditional Shanties have been customised by him to keep the original feel with an added Sloopness to make them more entertaining, engaging and sounding great, he can also turn his hand to most instruments.
We have a few multi-taskers or musicians as they like to be called, including Iain on bouzouki and ukulele. Stephen and Sav on guitar, Andrew on whistle and percussion, Colin on the bell and Enzo our chief box basher on the Cajon.
We even have our very own Mermaid....
The main feedback we get is that we genuinely look like we are enjoying ourselves on stage and we sound great. This comes across in all of our performances, we actively encourage the audience to join in with the singing and even the choreography. Some of which has taken the crew months to learn especially bully in the alley....
We all get together at least once or twice a week to rehearse and all have an input into the songs and how we can improve.
Overall its a great formula, which produces a fab sound, we all love what we do and have great fun performing together.

(These portraits were taken at one of our favourite local venues the excellent Milton Keynes Museum)


The Plague Ship Sessions

Right on the cusp of the 2020 lockdown we headed into a recording studio. This was a first time experience for most of us and we look forward to repeating it sometime soon. James, one of our singers was the sound engineer for the day.

The 'Dogs out on the road

Here we are gigging at various venues around the country. It's great getting out to other places, seeing other shanty crews and taking part in a big event. It's also great to do our own select gigs for private audiences or local pubs. Wherever we go we enjoy ourselves and love to share the enjoyment.